OnJapan CAFÉ & as a hub ~ PR Event for local specialty products

Develop PR activities targeting toward female audience in Tokyo metropolitan area in order to learn from the market reaction

  • Incorporate the specialty food or drinks into Café menu
  • Produce and host events and workshops
  • Reach out to various media and develop tie-up events
  • Quantitative analysis etc.

Research and propose effective PR approaches for global customers including expats and tourists with various background and culture

  • PR Strategies (Contents, Methods, etc.)
  • Events and Workshops
  • Marketing research and quantitative analysis on product package, flavor, and pricing

Support in Marketing PR activities for Japan and global audience

  • PR Strategies (Messaging, Contents, Methods, etc.)
  • Tool (Document creation, Translations)
  • Operational Support (Media relations, Coordination)
  • Marketing Research, etc.

Propose Strategy for expats in metropolitan area and other global customers.

Sponsored Activities at OnJapan CAFÉ &

  • Events, Workshops
  • In-store exhibition, Shop-in-shop
  • Special menu development
  • Customer feedback survey, Quantitative Analysis etc.