OnJapan CAFÉ & ~ “Something Japan” and beyond

OnJapan project launched in 2014 with a concept for “Something Japan.”

OnJapan CAFÉ & is the hub for this project and it provides not only café services but also hosts events and workshops that can create opportunities for locals and global tourists to learn something new about Japan and meet new people.

Since its opening, OnJapan CAFÉ & has hosted over 100 events that vary from Sake and Shochu lectures, Maccha tasting, Calligraphy, Miso cooking, Koto live performance to hand-craft diorama workshop. We are committed to provide fun and interactive events for anyone to join to create unique and real OnJapan community

OnJapan CAFÉ & ~ Overview


Theme:  Hakko (fermentation) Café (Japanese food, Seasoning, Alcohol drinks, Beverage, etc.)
Style: Café, Lunch Set, Evening-time A La Carte, Dessert, Drinks
Hours: Mon, Tue, Sat & Sun 11:30am-7:00pm / Thu & Fri 11:30am-11:00pm
Floor Set-up:40 seats (Regular hours), 60 seats (Events)
MAX 80 customers at an all-standing-buffet style event
AV(Projector & Screen) Microphones, TV Monitor, DVD/CD Players
Exhibition space (limited)

OnJapan CAFÉ & ~ Our Hakko Menu