About OnJapan Inc.

We are a Marketing & Consulting firm with our focus and passion on sharing and showcasing  “Something Japan,” whether it’s a thing, a person or part of culture, to domestic and global audience.   Our business with local governments and companies ranges from providing PR support in Tokyo metropolitan area, being a  liaison for between the clients and global markets and to offering global communication services that are critical for client’s success in global markets.  In addition, we also operate “OnJapan CAFÉ &” in Shibuya, Tokyo (est. 2014), that can be well utilized as a venue to promote our client’s contents and services.


Professional Support in PR & Communication for Domestic and Global Audience

Marketing & PR Expert Team

Our team of Marketing PR consultants can grasp our client’s situation quickly and provide proposals and effective support based on their various experiences and profound knowledge from Japanese domestic, foreign capital and venture companies to foreign market. Especially on PR business is backed up with in-depth knowledge and market expertise from our affiliated company TrainTracks, Inc. (founded in 2003, ) specialized in Marketing & PR.

Our PR professional network across 40+ countries ~ Trusting global network established through years of experience

We utilize our PR network expanding across Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa to execute our global projects with our partnering companies who are local experts in their business practice and media. We make sure that we provide our clients with the most effective PR proposals to meet local requirements.

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